Wednesday, December 19, 2007

How to Deal with a Bossy Boss

A surly supervisor, a moody manager, anyone that works for a living has had to deal with them. Some are control freaks (If your boss is male it's probably because he's either impotent or under endowed) Others let their authority go to there heads ( Many in law enforcement fall in this category) But the worst and most frustrating are those that have gotten their" title "by being promoted through seniority until they reach a position that they are inadequate at.("The Peter Principle")
Next time you get the, " I need to speak to you" be prepared. Know you company's policies, know the laws as a tax paying citizen (every state has labor laws, these agencies are paid for by your taxes) and know your basic human rights. Get the upper hand the seconds you are face to face with your boss, say " Before you start I want to let you know that If anything you say during this conversation makes me feel intimidated or threatened, I want to end the conversation and have another party present." Hopefully your boss has a boss, you have a personnel department, or a Union, if not there are laws to protect you. Usually, the before mentioned statement will catch them off guard and they will choose their words carefully. If not don't back down and follow through.

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Joey said...

That's really great advice! Thankfully, I don't have nasty bosses (yet?!) but your recommendations really make sense!

Hopefully you don't have bossy bosses, either...